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Informations and Registration for Exhibitors

Participation of Companies and Organizations

Service, Cost of Fair Package, Conditions


Admission as Exhibitor:

As for the admission in the group of exhibitors, there are basically no restrictions. The “Made in Ghana" Business and Job Forum/Fair is a platform for information, communication, participation and cooperation for companies and organizations supporting the idea of “Made in Ghana” which are not sector-specific. Invited are every socio-economic sector of Ghanaian economy and society belonging to: trade, health, crafts, services, art,  industrial production, education, franchise, etc.

Included Service and Costs for Exhibitors:

The service for the cost of participating as a exhibitor at the Forum/Fair “Made in Ghana”, for 2 days, from Fr. 5th to Sa. 6th February 2016, 10:00am—5:00pm at Black Star Square, Accra includes:

  • Booth Space: national small-scale companies and social organization receive a stand of 10' x 10' ft. canopied (a quarter of a 20' x 20' ft. canopy); national/international mid-scale and bigger companies/organizations receive a stand of 10' x 20' ft. canopied (half of a 20' x 20' ft. canopy)
  • Exhibition Equipment: 1 table, 2 chairs (please consider that  the venue do not allow access to electricity)
  • Cleaning of Venue (not the fair stand)   
  • Public Announcement and Marketing of the Forum/Fair: Announcement in different Print Media, Flyer/Poster, Newsletter/Mailing, Project Newspaper, Invitation, Announcement in TV and Radio program, Web 2.0 (webpage, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ etc.), Culture Media and Event Media.
  • Scientific Program: Informational Exhibition, Symposium with Lectures/Presentation of different experts, Seminars and Workshops of consultants and exhibitors.
  • Culture Program:  Art exhibition (pictures, painting etc.) Film festival, traditional and modern Music, Dance performances.
  • Documentation/Catalogue “Made in Ghana”: Cataloging general sector and company or business specific information and contact address of the exhibitor.
  • Creation of Companies’ Internet Presentation: Small scale companies or organizations can apply for a webpage, Facebook page and brochure.     

Price for exhibitor’s booth at Forum/Fair for 2 days:


  1. Small-scale company/organization:                        1 Stand = 20,00 €

  2. Mid-scale company/organization:                           1 Stand = 40,00 €

  3. Large-scale company/organization:                        1 Stand = 60,00 €

  4. Social organization:                                                    1 Stand = 20,00 €


  5. International social organization:                             1 Stand = 50,00 €

  6. International company/organization:                      1 Stand = 90,00 €

Conditions for Participation:

The attendance at the “Made in Ghana" Business and Job Forum/Fair is offered in accordance with a fair-package (see box “Service and Costs”) as well as the terms and conditions of the Forum/Fair of  the implementing organization (see rules and regulations for exhibitors of “Made in Ghana” on the application/contract form or at our webpage). 

The organizer has kindly pointed out that the participating companies are admitted ​​and  accepted the rules and conditions with the payment of the bill. If you have further questions, the organizational team is happy to assist the exhibitor.


Note: With the booth related placement requests will be given based upon the payment receipt of the written application and on the "first-come, first-served" basis (see exhibitor plan). 

Fair Consultation:

The organizer shall ensure a conscientious selection of participants and tries as far as possible, to avoid overhangs of exhibitors same industry. That interested in participating companies will consulted individual on all possible presentation at the Fair/Forum by a qualified consultant. In addition, each exhibitor receives on time information — such as time, sequence, unloading and construction-plans, conditions, demand behavior and other important tips about the best display for the event.


Information and Contact of the Organizer of the Project

Forum/Fair “Made in Ghana“ is projected by:

Official Name               “Job and Business Fair”/ Forum “Made in Ghana –                                         Potentials and Possibilities for everyone”

Date                                Friday, 5th February 2016 / 10:00am—5:00pm

                                        Saturday, 6th February 2016 / 10:00am—5:00pm

Venue                             Black-Star-Square Accra (Independence Square)

Organizer                       BUTTERFLIES AND ELEPHANTS ON MOON

                                         FORUM OF SCIENCE, ART AND CULTURE/


                                                   Director: Bruno Munoz-Perez:

                                         Kapellenstr. 2 / D-30625 Hannover (Germany)

                                         Project Manager: Lucky Agbomadzie

                                         Ghana: P.O. Box Ms 173 Mile Seven, Accra, Ghana                                            W/A

Project Responsible     Bruno Munoz-Perez (Concept and Project Leader)

                                         Mario Viergutz (Project Coordinator)

                                         Nadege Munoz-Konate (Project Manager)

                                         Lucky Agbomadzie (Project Manager)

                                         Ivy Desouza (Project Coordinator)


Phone (Ghana)             +233 (0)244 20 37 03 / +233 (0) 242 97 41 90        

Phone (Germany)        +49 (0)157 87 14 26 45 / +233 (0) 157 39 33 44 45 

Internet                          www.be-on-moon.org/mig               

E-Mail                             forummadeinghana2016@gmail.com


Facebook                       www.facebook.com/forummadeinghana   

Google+                                  Forum Made in Ghana           



Registration and informational Forms for Exhibitors for download:

Brochure - "Made in Ghana" - Business and Job Forum/Fair

Form sheet: Application/Contract for Forum/Fair Booth Space 

Form sheet: Publication " Made in Ghana"/Cataloging participating organisations and companies

publication.pdf (79.61KB)
publication.pdf (79.61KB)

Form sheet: "Made in Ghana" Abroad - Future of Forums and Fairs in USA, Europe, Asia.

Form sheet: Business and Job Forum/Fair - Job vacancy

job vacancy.pdf (71.9KB)
job vacancy.pdf (71.9KB)

Form sheet: Presentation at Symposium - "Made in Ghana"

symposium.pdf (80.03KB)
symposium.pdf (80.03KB)

Venue plan: Booth space and Exhibitors stands