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Theme: “Made in Ghana" — Potentials and Possibilities for Everyone:  

Potentials and Possibilities for Everyone: every generation and gender, every  qualification, every origins in Ghana. Africa is the idea behind the creation of this Forum — “Made in Ghana”, as business and job opportunity.

The enormous creative ideas, intentions, human resource, inventions, innovations, visions and potential in Ghana / Africa are the fundament for the creation of a network of relationships and partners - local, national and International – to establish various possibilities of further and fruitful information, and cooperation and enable opportunities of partnerships.


With the goal of linking a large number of well-balanced mix of exhibiting organizations and a large number of visitors at a selected top location (Black Star Square), besides a spectacular cultural program and national and international coverage in print and online media, radio and television, we are trying to create a platform with the motto "Potentials and Opportunities for Everyone”.

Download the Info-Broshure Job and Business Forum "Made in Ghana" :

Info-Broshure: Job and Business - Forum / Fair Made in Ghana
broschüre_fair_2016.pdf (1.48MB)
Info-Broshure: Job and Business - Forum / Fair Made in Ghana
broschüre_fair_2016.pdf (1.48MB)


You are touched by one of these questions?

  • You want to present your company/ products/ service?
  • You have a creative idea of a product (Invention) or its improving (innovation)?
  • Looking for a job?
  • How to find a job?
  • You want to invest?
  • Looking for employees in different areas?
  • Looking for a business partner?
  • You want to attract new customers?
  • You do not know how to success fully export and sold abroad?
  • Looking for the right school for your training?
  • You have a great product and no one knows it?
  • Looking for specific businesses and decision-makers?
  • What is the way forward for Ghana?
  • You want to sell your product on international market, in a easy way?
  • You need a machine / technology to produce?
  • You need a credit / loan?
  • How to apply on a Micro-finance loan?
  • You need an international network?
  • You want to study aboard?
  • How to package my product?
  • Want to get some inspirations?


Feature of Performance:

Made in Ghana" Business and Job Forum/Fair – Potentials and Possibilities for Everyone, for a better Ghana. 

Target Groups: Entrepreneurs, inventers, investors, executives, job-seekers, job changers, returner, skilled employees,  young professionals, professionals, networker, students, people interested on further education, interested on business and export, and more…

Whether entrepreneur, inventor, job-seeker, professional, networker, student interested on training and further education, school leavers and university graduate, networkers member of generation 50plus, women etc. — you will have the opportunity to be connected and served on the Forum directly and sophisticated with national and international active companies and organizations (governmental institutions, NGO´s, universities, consulting organizations) of different sectors.

The supporting program includes many free information and consulting services: such as free job application checks, professional application photo shooting, informative lectures/presentations of the exhibitors and professionals as well a diverse cultural program.

Aims, Contents and Offerings: A Forum/Fair for personal and first contact between regional, national and international companies/organizations, consultants and interested visitors. A forum for promotion,information, coaching and enacting of partnerships, vacancies and educational questions (i.e. further education and study places), product and company presentations and marketing, internships, job application checks and photo shooting, lectures/ presentations of numerous professionals, informational and counseling as well as networking sessions, etc. 


Program — “Made in Ghana” 

5.-6. Feb. 2016 / 10:00am—5:00pm: Fair of Companies and Organizations 

Exhibition of companies/organizations and their products/services, related to the project theme: “Made in Ghana”. “How can we work together?” is the main focus here. Company partners, exporters, importers, branches, financier,  assistance, consultations, sponsors, searching for attachments, technologies for production or apprentices looking for job-vacancies. Simply networking.

5.-6. Feb. 2016 / 10:00am—5:00pm: Consultancy of “Made in Ghana”

Different services and workshops are offered by different organizations to promote the idea of “Made in Ghana”. Free workshops and consultancy  for job seekers and job changers (CV, application, interview, further education etc.). Free workshops and consultancy for business and entrepreneurs (marketing, import/export related, international networking, business planing, etc.).

5.-6. Feb. 2016 / 10:00am—5:00pm: Exhibition of Information and Art Gallery 

Broad, deep background information with paints, photos and exponents related to the project theme “Made in Ghana”. Visitors are invited to participate and contribute their opinions.

5.-6. Feb. 2016 / 10:00am—10:00pm: Traditional and Modern Music besides Dance Performances

5.-6. Feb. 2016 / 6:00pm—10:00pm: Film and Documentary Film Festival

5. Feb. / 6:00pm: Evening of Poems and Music

Anthology of Africa by Ayo Ayoola-Amale.

5. Feb. 2016 / 8:00pm: African Storyteller

Narrating African stories.

6. Feb. / 10:00am—2:00pm: Symposium with Public Discussion

Different speeches and a public discussion with experts as well as responsible organizations on the relevant themes regarding “Made in Ghana”.

Made in Ghana - Themes to discuss:

On the Forum we want to discuss different topics in a open, critical and constructive way. With the aim to understand the nuke and various levels of the main theme “Made in Ghana” are for example following questions  indicatory:

  • Which educational and system of apprenticeship are for long term jobs necessary?
  • Which institutions are supportive for my business?
  • Which political and economic framework needs to push business forward in harmony with the aim of sustainable development?
  • How to prevent our cultural heritage in a global village?
  • Learning from the past - What is the right way of local, national, regional and international partnership? 


Please bring your ideas…


Media Partner, Marketing, Announcement

With a mix of media of different local and national and international media-partners in print, radio and television as well internet we are trying to reach for this program a large part of the total population in town and country. For these, the media and announcement make a decisive contribution to the success of this event. The claim "potentials and opportunities for everyone” — regardless of qualifications, generation, gender and origin — reveals that there everyone is welcome. “Made in Ghana — potentials and possibilities for everyone puts particular attention therefore on marketing in advance of this Fair/Forum and informational exhibition besides its extensive cultural program. 

The Marketing Concept contains:

  • Advertisements in various Print Media
  • Flyer/Posters
  • Newsletter/Mailings
  • Invitations to various stakeholders
  • Radio announcement
  • TV programs
  • Web 2.0 — Social Media marketing (Facebook, YouTube, Google+)
  • Culture- and Event Media


Venue of Fair: Black Star Square, Accra

The Black Star Square in Accra is the second-largest city square in the world, also known as Independence Square, and is a public square in Accra, Ghana. Black Star Square is a site for Ghana's Independence Day parades (6th of March). It also hosts all major national public congregations and national festivals.

With over 600.000 square-meters of the square and surrounded by 30,000 seating capacity, its easy infrastructure for best access offers the Independence Square Accra a unique atmosphere and best conditions to carry out this huge fair and cultural program.

You are interested to exhibit your products, service (Made in Ghana), please see following information's on the exhibitors site - Made in Ghana.